Nintendium 128 @ San Japan

Nintendium 128 @ San Japan

Many weeks ago, we at Nintendium 128 went to San Japan: Mach 5: to do the following:

Show off Vincent’s dancing skills.
Show off Jeremii’s programming skills.
Show off Phil.
Meet Egoraptor.
Publicly embarrass ourselves.
Annoy everybody at the con.
Accept a Challenge: Go out on a date with a fat “Miku Hatsune” cosplayer.

We can safely say we have done everything but go on a date with a “Miku Hatsune” cosplayer, for Jeremii strongly refused; he thought the word “Hatsune Miku” was the Finnish word for “enraged haberdasher” and Jeremii has a phobia against enraged haberdashers. At this point we assume you stopped reading to look at the pretty cosplay pictures. Enjoy:

White and Oshawott!

It's Link and friends!

PKMN Trainer Red wants to battle!

It's a Mii, Mario, Luigi, and Mario!

It's Hyl...Zelda and Link!

It's Link and Link!


One throws Fire Balls while the other has sound effects. ;)

Cave Story represent!

Mii love to play Cave Story!

It's Hilda and a very sweaty Mario. (Jumping is exhausting.)

Ness asked Terry "Are you OK?"

It's Satoshi!

Anybody have the urge to play Smash Bros right now?

It's Mii and Shiki from the World Ends With You!

Mamma Mia, it's a Team Magma Grunt!

This guy says he's from a popular SEGA game, clearly he's from Sonic Adventure 2.

Later that night, Mario met Link and Linebeck.

One of them doesn't belong, that's right: PKMN Trainer Jeremii.

Bowser/Koopa Robotnik/Eggman

Snooping as usual, I see.

Look, it's Ash!

This article has gotten more "Oak-y"

PKMN Trainer Jeremii battles Blue...or was her name Green?

Up to this point, Phil AKA Link was suddenly missing from the group and this Wild Pikachu showed up! So like the logical people we are, we went to battle with said Pikachu! Here’s a video for you to enjoy/mock.

The top 3 combants of the Pokémon Battle! P.S. Has anybody seen our Link?

Nintendo vs Capcom confirmed!


Victory pose!

Hey it's that girl from that SEGA game!

5 bucks to anybody who can get the name of the game that she's from.

4 Swords, featuring 3 Blue Links!

This Shaymin and Blitzle were too at the Pokémon Live Action Battle!

Well excuuuuuuuuuuse me, Goddess Reincarnate.

"!" - Red

It's a them, Mario!

I know for a fact that one of them is a Squrtle, it's the one on the left.

Midna NOT in Link's shadow!

The Doctors of Megaman, Dr. Wily and Dr. Light, respectfully.

Awesome is all we gotta say.

Edgeworth and Gumshoe are on the case!

We meet again Feraligatr!

Ryu vs Chun Li!

Chun Li vs Mario

Chun Li vs Link!

Who's been going through my fanfics?

Nintendo vs Capcom 2: Clash of Heroes

It's Falkner from Pokémon!

It's Brock from Pokémon!

When we were looking for the Bombchu girl, this isn't what we ment...

Pit and PKMN Trainer Jeremii!

Pit is astonished!

It's the crew from SMB2 (US) + Mii and Boombox guy!

Are you guys up to PokéRap?! HERE WE GO! Bellosom, Chancy, Mismagius, Vaporeon!


Marowak and Cubone!

It's Sigilyph!




We found Mew!

It's Dewott!

It's Bunary!

It's Brock and Onyx!


For those want to experience our annoyance here’s a video!

See you next con!

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